Harnessing Cloud Distribution for Unique Value

Clouding is the world's most advanced and efficient technology for global markets. Clouding allows common used resources to be shared in secure and specific boundaries.

With clouding, we are capable of adjusting provided services according to scale and capacity needs of our suppliers – both virtually (IT/CRM platform) and physically (stock warehouse). With several selected suppliers in our portfolio, Eusahub delivers value and additional synergies for all stakeholders.

For suppliers, we offer exclusive distribution channels: you won't be competing with other suppliers in the same product group.

For retailers, one single-access to a unique purchasing platform with a wide offer of international products and attractive margins. As every stakeholder goes through strict selection process, we offer the best quality/value ratio.

To achieve a more efficient supply chain, Eusahub has invested considerable resources into its own unique B2B platform, which is constantly under further development and fine-tuning. We believe that bringing suppliers and retailers a state-of-the-art, dedicated selling/purchasing platform is the critical factor allowing Eusahub to lead in using cloud distribution technologies in Europe.

Any retailer will strongly benefit from Eusahub's easy-to-use business portal enabling products selection, ordering, paying a single invoice for ordered products, order & payment monitoring and comfortable claim handling - all with interesting margins on internationally recognized products.

Suppliers have absolute control over their retailer network - via the effective selection process (with Eusahub pre-selection as one of the supportive services). Further suppliers fully decide about final pricing and complete product portfolio offered. Financial reports, historic performance records, stock management and access to activity logs provide, among other features, comfortable administration.

At Eusahub we believe that reasonable sharing of one single-point-of-sale channel in Europe will maximize business returns with sustainable potential growth in the future.

To reach better quality of logistics and more attractive margins for retailers, Eusahub operates its own warehouses in Bratislava, Slovakia, strategically located to maximize logistic services in the center of European Union.

Eusahub has strict selection process also for our own direct service providers. Thus we are capable to deliver goods on time and for reasonable costs.

Eusahub is not only opening doors to EU and European Economy Community market (with potential to even expand beyond), but is inviting interested suppliers to participate in common synergies of sophisticated modern cloud distribution.

Cloud distribution in action

Eusahub connects worldwide suppliers and producers with European retailers and end customers in an uniquely way that allows all involved parties to profit.

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